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Repair Plastic

Pro Bumper Scoudouc Auto Body is specialized in repairing plastic for automotive bumpers. If you’ve got a hole, scrape or gaping gouge on your plastic bumper, or have had a mishap involving your bumper, you may be terrified at the cost of repairing it. A pro repair job is clearly the best option and with our professional and courteous staff Pro Bumper Scoudouc Auto body can discuss the options you may not be aware of to keep the cost of the repair as low as possible but with the quality of a professional repair. Our professional estimators will provide you with an accurate price and work will not proceed until you have agreed and are fully satisfied with the scope of repairs and it is within the scope of your budget or that of your insurance company.

Pro Bumper Scoudouc Auto Body is a Green company our ultimate goal is to recycle before changing parts. But less expensive and know better for the environment. Come repair your bumper at Pro Bumper Scoudouc Auto Body would be satisfied.